It is exciting to partner with my clients. I look forward to communicating and hearing from you on a regular basis.   I  like the moment when I see that the expectations from of a client have been met and or exceeded.  I hope to bring you updated content, exciting new product information and trends for the home and professional gardener.

Question from a customer- Q-Why does it seem that my friend uses wallsof water and  plants tomatoes earlier but we harvest our tomatoes it seems at the same time every year.  A-The truth is the walls of water are keeping the tomato from lower temperatures at night and keeps it from frost damage but the soil is still getting cold. Once the night time temperatures are above 45 on an everyday basis Tomatoes will go into a growing frenzy.  This is why when you plant after the last frost date you harvest at the same time.  Another reason is pollination.  Bees are not that busy when temperatures are low. 

What's Blooming in the ABQ -coming in-Lilac- Right now- Redbuds, Crabapple, going out-flowering quince, winter jasmine, ornamental pears, ornamental plums.

Hey if you want to brag about your garden then send me some pictures!